The X-Spod is a new take on bait delivery, with an aerodynamic shape and generous load capacity that splits into four segments, not only giving the X-Spod its name, but also more importantly depositing your bait with ease. The device is buoyant and weighing only 42gr makes retrieval easier, simply skipping across the water’s surface.

Utilising a magnetic system with no less than 16 magnets, the X-Spod has two different load options, making it suitable for a wide array of baits from pellets, to particles, boilies and even liquids. You can simply open up two segments and it will be an easy to fill device that can be scooped and closed one handed, ensuring a faster seamless baiting application. Alternatively, you can slide just one section back and fill the entire device with fine particles, small pellets and liquids.

The original, performance X-Spod has proved to be a great success and now Wolf has released the smaller sized Competition X-Spod, with a capacity of roughly 35 15mm boilies, a little under 3oz of pellets or just over 4oz of particles. This makes the competition X-Spod more manageable for lighter rods, creating less disturbance or for distance casting. Furthermore, by utilising a magnetic opening system instead of a pressure release clip, casts can even be taken with the device lying on the floor for when maximum distance and more beach-like casting styles are favoured.

The Competition X-Spod is available in red, white and black to ensure you can keep an eye on the device in any light condition and at any distance.