The elusive Koi!

So with having had a few successful sessions on my Wasing Syndicate, I wanted to get back down. With the weather looking spot on, with heavy rain and big winds and super low pressure I knew it was time to fish my baited areas!

With the spots known it was simple to get set up really quick, the normal rig and Sticky Baits Krill, powered by the X1K rods from Wolf, It wasn’t long before the left hand rod was away, but with the head shakes and practically no fight I new I was into a tench. 

Fast forward to the night which ended up being quiet, hopes for first light was high. With a few feint noises over the wind, of fish crashing in the area the term itchy feet really was on. 

I awoke mega early the next morning to make sure I could watch the water as the light started to brighten up the morning, and I thought to myself it’s not going to happen! But then the Qi started to sing and the clutch started to spin, a crazy battle! The fish took me through two weed beds, multiple flat rods and up the near margin. But the moment I could see what fish it was, my heart was pounding, the elusive koi, was attached to my rig and I could see my Krill wafter sitting in its mouth. My heart was racing with the fish rarely getting caught, the battle had become so much more. 

But thanking the carp gods it went over my cord. 

All I could think whilst letting it rest in the net and having a brew, the whole reason to get this Wasing ticket years ago was because of a picture of this fish, with the lake throwing proper head games due to the difference of normal lakes, and going away and chasing other fish then coming back ready this Autumn, I’ve finally netted it!

I was saying to a friend I’m gonna have it in Autumn and behold 3rd of October it’s mine. 

What a relief the plan is working, and such an emotional moment of success. 

The Koi was mine!

Liam Woolcott


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