I think I was about four or five years old when I first wet a line. Days out with my Dad over the years has given me a very varied skill set. This is why fishing has always been so special to me, regardless of location or species so from running the stick float down the river, to trout fishing on the fly. From pole fishing on the ponds, to spinning for pike and from targeting chub and barbel, to chucking a 6oz lead into the North Sea. 

I got my first carp set up and landed an A team fish called “Single Scale” on my first overnight session. This opened my eyes to a whole new side of fishing, an intense appreciation for targeting individual fish and that adrenaline rush that comes with a screaming bite alarm. 

I use a lot of my match fishing mentality in my carp fishing when deciding how to target fish in certain temperatures and depths, and how bait application controls the way the fish feed etc. 

The majority of my fishing is done on an absolute gem of a 6 acre park lake local to me that’s full of beautiful, dark, old English carp. It’s fun clear with big areas of dense weed. This is where I started out and big fish hits of 20+ runs aren’t uncommon. They are all really old, unique fish which were stocked, I believe, in the early 1980’s and I feel very lucky to have them on my doorstep. 

I also fish a small syndicate water that’s at the other end of the scale. It’s a low stock, 1.5 acre farm pool that has some lovely fish but bites are few and far between on there so stealth mode is a must. It’s a tiny bowl shaped water in the middle of an open field with no tree cover. Conditions are tough on there and weed grows from deck to surface in the summer. There are a lot of holes, gulleys, bars and shelves if you can find them but it’s a tough challenge on that lake. Fishing for 1 bite at a time but knowing when you get a run that it’s a special one is a completely different buzz. 

Constantly learning, capturing memories with the camera, having a great time with the lads and having new opportunities within the fishing industry is something I’m very grateful for. Meeting new, committed, passionate people who more often than not become very good friends. I’m looking forward to what the future holds and to be involved with the growth of Wolf International. 

Name: James Dixon 

Nickname: Dicko / @North.East.Carp.Guy 

Location: Newcastle, North East of England 

Date of Birth: 04/02/1995 

Favourite Venue: The Approach Fishery 

PB’s: 37lb mirror. 43lb common 

Favourite Wolf product: X1K Distance Extreme 13ft rods





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