The X-Spod differs from other spods in that it opens into 4 segments on impact – these sections held in place by magnets makes retrieval easy as it skips over the surface with less resistance.

The unique design enables baiting up in different ways, scooping from a bucket using half of the X-Spod or opening only one panel and filling by hand boilies, pellets, particles or liquids etc. The X-Spod can be cast accurately and is perfectly aerodynamic for distance casting and is practically indestructible. Available in 2 sizes: Large and Medium.

The Performance which is capable of being cast in excess of 160 metres is available in 3 colours: Orange, White and Black. It has a capacity of approx. 20+ 20mm boilies, 120gm of pellets or 155gm of particles and also can be filled with liquid without any leakage.

The Competition which is capable of being cast in excess of 120 metres is available in 3 colours: Red, White and Black. It has a capacity of approx. 35+ 15mm boilies, 78gm of pellets or 120gm of particles and also can be filled with liquid.

Setting up Spod/Marker rod for spodding.

The Wolf selection of Spod/Marker rods are ideal for the job, 10ft/3.50lb, 12ft/4.00lb, 13ft/4.50lb in the 3 series X, X3K & X1K. There are reels especially made for spodding with a higher retrieve rate which will help when a lot of spodding is needed and always use a finger stool or casting glove as braid can cause a lot of damage to your finger.

Ideally the best set-up is a braided mainline with a heavier braid leader.

A fully loaded spod could weigh 6 ounces or more depending on bait used so you need to have tackle that can withstand the force used to cast the heavy weight. The braid mainline should be a good quality thin braid of 20/30lb and the braided shock leader of 50lb.

Leader knots

2 knots recommended for joining 2 different braids

Albright Knot

  1. Make a loop in the end of the heavier line. Insert the tag end of the lighter line through loop.
  2. Wrap the first turn of the lighter line over itself.
  3. Continue making turns over loop.
  4. Make at least 12 turns and pass end back through loop.
  5. Tighten turns up to end of loop, moisten and carefully tighten pulling on both ends of tags.
  6. Trim both tag ends.

Mahin Leader Knot

This knot is the perfect shockleader knot and is highly recommended.

  1. Make an overhand knot in the leader line.
  2. Wrap the mainline around leader line at least 10 times.
  3. Then make 6 turns back over previous turns and pass end back through loop.
  4. Moisten and tighten carefully and trim off tag ends.

Distance from tip to spod when casting should be about half the length of the rod or level with the spigot. One of the advantages of the X-Spod is that it can be cast from the ground so a longer drop would be needed.

Don’t overfill spool as this can cause wind knots

Big loop in leader for quick change, fly ball or marker set up.

Accurate distance using distance stick wraps.
Skyline marker far bank, tree, pylon, building, visible at night.

Spod little and often, and at night if needed.

Get bait bucket at height to save keep bending down

When spodding, the distance clipped up should be a bit shorter than rig clipped up, depending on depth of water as clipped up rig will swing back towards you depending on depth. The ratio is approx. a quarter of the depth ie: 6ft deep take off about 1.5ft, 12ft take off 3ft, 20ft take off 5ft but making sure that you hit the clip.

Spodding is definitely worth the effort

Brian Atkins


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