Wolf’s Camo Pack Tech Case

Our Wolf CamoPack Tech Case is an absolutely high-quality case for the safe storage of our Mozzi Zappa. But the tech case is so much more and is suitable for a wide variety of areas. 

My possible uses for the Camo Pack Tech Case from Wolf: 

  1. That’s what it’s actually made for …. for the safe transport of the Mozzi-Zappa including cable. Just fits perfectly! 

  1. The Mozzi Zappa is used at dusk and at night and my sunglasses are no longer needed. The Tech Case is now an optimal protective cover for the glasses. Perfectly protected and ready to hand again the next morning! 

  1. During my last longer session I packed two e-spools as a reserve for long-range fishing. At first these were unprotected in my pocket, later I found out that they fit perfectly into the tech case. 

  1. I’ve often been annoyed that I dragged along a huge selection of hookbaits and pop-ups for one night, even though only two rods were allowed. Each of us has our favorites anyway or knows which baits and colors will work well before a session. For short sessions I only have my two favorites with me in the CamoPack case! 

  1. I love mobile fishing and stalking. Very small, compact equipment is hugely important. The Wolf CamoPack Case perfectly holds the most important small parts such as needles, scissors, dental floss and replacement hooks and keeps everything within reach. 

As you can see, the Wolf CamoPack Tech Case can be much more than just a transport bag for our Mozzi Zappa. Be flexible and recognize the possibilities! 

Have fun,




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