WOLF Quick Release

Another product from Wolf International has ticked my box, Wolf’s advanced series the Quick Release System is another great product. If you’re like me and you hate having to screw your buzz bars back on to your sticks every time you set up, then these are exactly what you’ve been looking for!

A simple sleek stainless-steel flash with a design that enables quick connection or disconnection to your buzz bars or bank sticks (generally anything) with just a push and a twist, speeding up the entire set-up process. Super convenient in my eyes.

I’ve been looking for this type of quick release system for a while and I know a few firms provide them, but like I’ve said before Wolf International’s quality can’t be forgotten, so I knew these were worth a look. Their reputation for bankware, rods and bait delivery products are of exceptional quality!  I bagged myself a handful for a few fishing situations that I had in mind.

Having recently received a set of three high quality rods from Wolf, I waited for the delivery with excited anticipation, I knew this product would be the same quality that Wolf International seems to keep providing the industry!

The day came when these arrived, I was on the day job but like anything carp related the buzz was there so once I got home, I immediately opened the parcel. I could see straight away that the finish on the Quick Release Flashes were brilliant, that sleek stainless-steel shine and minimal labeling, they also had some decent weight proving they were made of high-quality material. The packaging had a nice neat modern design too, which came with foam to keep them safe and secure.

Within minutes I decided to try to them out, attaching them onto the sticks and storm poles. The way they work is by attaching the bottom section first, which is the part with the pin holders, allowing you to permanently attach the top section to your brolly bolts or buzz bars. This is what gives you that quick attachment process; with a gentle push and twist you can attach and lock on your Quick Release.

I found attaching these easy and once I found the way I liked them sitting I tightened up the small nut on the bottom section, this enabled me to keep them solid. For me I’d say yes, setting up time is definitely faster and easier.


  • Small neat Wolf logo situated on each bottom section.
  • Stainless steel
  • Small and compact design
  • Adequately priced


So after having used these for a few sessions on multiple attachments and during different fishing situations, I can definitely recommend them. If you’re after a faster setup time (or pack down time) for multiple options, then order yourself a few and get them attached to your different sticks, bars, poles, whatever you have! You can get setup in minutes, whatever different fishing approach you’re taking, and if the fish have moved on, you can also pack down faster to get back on them somewhere else. Like I said quality runs through Wolf International products and I can’t wait for the next item. Check them out yourself.

Liam Woolcott





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