Welcome Recapture

“A welcome recapture of one of the bigger residents in my local park lake. I fished 8.5 wraps further out than the usual hot-spot from this peg, fishing over weed as the fish were showing and evidently feeding well. Probably due to the weed starting to die down this time of year and being full of naturals still. Through the summer that area of the lake across peg 1/2/3 has been bad for weed!

I tend to always reach for the stiff hinge rigs here, set up heli style with a 4oz lead and one of my own made yellow, or yellow and brown swirly pop ups with a bit of pva foam to let it fall and settle slowly and present over the weed.

I fed pellet, corn and some boilie, putting 3 or 4 performance x spods over the top of my spot roughly every hour or so and built the swim up gradually this time around and it definitely paid off over the bait and wait approach which was the wrong choice in a previous session.

Rods wise, I use the Wolf X1K 13ft Distance Extremes. Fishing to 25.5 wraps with 0.40 dia. mainline is still just a flick but I’d much rather have that power reserve there to use if weather conditions or winds change to become an issue. The fish only go to mid 20s here but for a distance casting rod they have a mega fish playing action without compromising feel or risking hookpulls at close quarters.

I ended up with 9 runs and landed 7 fish. I lost 2 fish to hookpulls  that weeded me up during the first initial run but during this session I’ve took out some of the better sized fish and I’ve enjoyed focusing on bait application and adapting to the fish, fishing to the back of the spot, fishing for liners and letting them tell me when to get the spod back out and the runs came steadily, staggered right through my session.”

James Dixon


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