Weekend Session – Karl Brandreth

In the last few months I must admit my catch rate has not been good, due to numerous things, ie. weather, angling pressure, too much bait and lack of time, but on my most recent sessions one of which was a match at Wyreside lakes I didn’t win but I did lose one take I had, another session I was on my local lake with my mate and his son they had caught 6 between them so when they went home I moved into there peg because I was blanking, and as soon as I started fishing that peg they completely moved away from my area,
So, I know my mate and his son went on again and his son caught 6 including 3 20’s, a week later I went into that peg and within 15 minutes of casting in I caught a small common, I thought thank god for that, so I put some bait out and spent the next 2 nights catching fish, I ended up with 8 fish that session, I was so relieved my blanking spell was over, my biggest being a 24lb common and it was a lovely looking common. Lets see what happens over winter as I have booked on Monument fishery from November to February, hopefully I will be in luck and possibly catch a new PB.

Just loved catching this old common at 18lb, a proper old fish an original.

2 hi double mirrors one new, one old worrier, Both more than welcome, Both caught within 15mins of each other, its nice to actually catch.

I had just put that other common back and my rod was off again.

6th fish of the session.

Finally, managed to bank a 24lb common, first twenty of the session 7th fish and an old one at that. Buzzing to say the least.

Managed to bank this scaley little banger, this high double mirror beat me up for my efforts, enjoying every minute of the session 8th fish so far, result.

Karl Brandreth


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