Wasing Estate Session

I would like to share with you my latest session on Wasing estate, the session began on a very crisp February Saturday morning around 6 am! I headed to the swim that I have been baiting all week, I decided to fish over the right 3 of the 5 spots I had primed. 

I set up my rods with my trusty fluorocarbon leaders, mcf dumper lead clips, 3.5 oz leads and my multi combi rig with a size 4 hand sharpened curve hook. I mounted my balanced Manilla hook bait on all 3 rods, with a piece of foam ready to get them out on the money.

After making sure my rigs were bang on the spots, I baited with one spods worth of my favourite Manilla mix! Which consisted of crushed and chopped bollies, crushed 2.3 mm, 4 mm pellets as well as whole 2.3 mm and 4 mm pellets and topped off with cloudy liquid, betaine, Pure Calanus Liquid and finally a good helping of baileys mixed into a semi stiff mix and deposited over each rod.

At 9.56 am my left rod pulls up tight and rips off, the fish ended up kiting right towards the weed beds, so I switched from a low rod to the left, to a low rod on the right to bring her along the weed beds rather than let it carry on to charge through into the weed! 

Once the fish was safely in the net, I have a peek at my rewards and estimate a mid 20 winter mirror was sulking in the mesh! With a quick call to fellow Wolf member and great friend Liam, he managed to run down and grab some shots. 7 minutes later we are in the cold water at a brisk 2°C getting some cracking shots of a rare visitor to the bank.

This beautiful mirror tipped the scales to 25 lbs 2 oz, of winter carp, after slipping her back to her watery home and an air high five to another great winter capture.

See you on the bank….

Keep safe.

Pete Drew


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