THE X-SPOD – Gary ‘Milky’ Lowe

The Wolf X-Spod Performance is a unique spod that floats without the aid of any other device, the X-Spod will open in four sections and will deliver all your bait on the spot. There are two X-Spods in the range and this is the larger of the two and is excellent for getting the maximum amount of bait at range. Once the spod is clipped up to the distance required you can accurately maintain an area of free offerings with minimal effort.

The main compartment can be loaded in two different ways. Opening it in half, you can then load by scooping up bait and closing the 2 halves together, or you can open one section, and you can load the entire body full. But the X-Spod is the first spod on the market that can take liquid without any leaking out, this is ideal for when floater fishing in windy conditions, you can fill the X-Spod with oil then when you cast it out it will flatten the surface of the water so you can see your hookbait. The X-Spod performance is capable of casts in excess of 160 yards. When you cast the X-Spod you can be guaranteed that the bait is going to go where you want it and not in the margins or on the bank like most others do. What makes your bait land accurately and on the spot is due to the 24 high-powered magnets that secure everything in flight, you can launch the X-Spod from the ground, not like other well-known spods. The X-Spod is the ultimate baiting tool with increased accuracy and convenience. Here are a few facts about the X-Spods.

It was developed after three years of research and testing
It allows full filling and closure with one hand
It has Instant release of bait on contact with water
It’s extremely aerodynamic shape allows you to cast to extreme distance
It’s stable during flight resulting in increased accuracy
It floats
It opens in 4 sections to release all the bait on the spot
24 secure magnets
It’s indestructible
It’s extremely easy to recover
The weight of the X-Spod is 2.29oz
It holds 4oz of pellet
It holds 20 x 20mm boilies
It’s available in 3 colours: Orange, White and Black



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