Stefke Baekelandt – September Session

A small report on my week-long session in September:

Now that my Dad is retired, I was lucky enough to get him to join me for a week’s fishing. We took a big tent with us and my rods were a bit further away +-20m.

Through the Hubb receiver I could easily set the link response settings higher to get a perfect signal during the week even from 20m !

The session started with the first few days of bright sunshine.
It soon became clear that the mozzi-zappa lamp would come in handy.

The first evening we were already suffering from mosquitoes before it got dark!

The mozzi-zappa worked perfectly in the tent, so we could sleep peacefully.

In the early morning, the first bite was a 18 kg + fish, not a bad start.
The first few days were the same, 1 fish in the night on each time the same rod.
After trying a few different spots, the second rod also started to produce results.
Some nice fish came by, even 2 koi.

The Wolf X3K 3.25 lb rods did their job perfectly even with my least popular catch in the form of a large sturgeon. This one managed to pick up my 2nd line in the process.

We caught in total 21 Carp.


My Dad managed to catch the two biggest fish: 21,6 and 23,6 kg.

As my Dad is not used to posing with a fish of this size, we decided that we would do this together and I would hold the fish. It resulted in some nice pictures.

For the rigs, we chose a modified Ronnie Rig and fished it with small pop up’s or wafters of 14 mm diameter.

The week started with high temperatures so we didn’t feed as much boilies but we used more pellets. Because these dissolve, we could start every day “fresh”.

We stopped using pellets when the sturgeon started to bother us.

The rods were carefully positioned using the baitboat, as the fish were clearly looking for shade around the branches and were most present there at night.

On one rod we were fishing very close to a tree, so we tightened the clutch very tight and used the Wolf Easy Claw rod rests. This kept the rod perfectly locked.

I also used the Ball maker, Method feeder system and the Fly Ball.
I was pleasantly surprised by the Fly Ball how far it flew (by bending the sides at an angle of 90°). Unfortunately the Sturgeon bothered me again so I didn’t use it any more…

Stefke Baekelandt


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