Review of an Outstanding Autumn Session

It was last autumn when I decided to fish a water I had been on before with only minor success. I made a plan to fish 2 spots for 2 nights. On one spot I spread various particles and Manilla boilies over a relatively large area on the edge of the bank, on the other rod I set up a central feeding area of Krill-Active boilies about 100m away. I cast a few times with my X-Spod Performance to get the Baits safely to the spot.

As darkness fell I started fishing and recorded the first bite. A great shaped mirror carp tugged at the end of the line and I was able to land it safely with my 12ft 3.5lbs X3K rod.

Again and again I loaded my X-Spod and cast to the clipped distance. I knew exactly that I couldn’t let up with the feed now. After 2 hours the next bite. A nice scaled carp.

In the second half of the night I was woken up again. A slow run with heavy head shots awaited me. I immediately felt that I had hooked one of the really big fish of the lake and was very excited. After a great fight, I was able to net a 24-kilo Mirror Carp. It was unbelievable. What an animal!

The next day was quiet. There was little activity around the lake and the fish hardly showed themselves. I decided to feed more and then offer a pop-up on the Multirig a little away from the feed. I went for a Yellow Pineapple & N’Butyric Popup in 16mm from Sticky Baits.

I lay down and enjoyed the Autumn scenery and the warming rays of the sun on my skin. After about an hour there was a brute bite. I picked up the rod and it was immediately pulled over. A long fight began and I was increasingly excited. At a distance I saw for the first time that I had caught another big fish. It took several metres of line just in front of the landing net before I was able to land it safely. I weighed the fish and was amazed when the scales stopped at 19.9 kilos. What a piece of fish. And with a really cool body shape. A pot belly and a broad back, damn cool!

You’d think after that it would have been really good for a session, but there was still one night to go. So I fed again generously and went to sleep in the tent early. After a few hours there was another bite, it was a struggle for every metre in the end I won the measure and could net another great Mirror Carp.

A little later in the night I actually lost another fish that felt very heavy. However, I was able to cope well with this loss as I already had some great fish on the cards.

This was definitely one of the best Autumn Sessions I’ve had so far. There are new tasks and challenges ahead in the coming season and I’m really looking forward to tackling them and putting more great fish on the mat.

I wish you all the best of luck on the water and good health.

Best regards

Justus Schäfer


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