Rainbow Lake – Kelly Monteyne

Finally our time has come back. Enjoy and hopefully catch beautiful fish from this difficult but oh so beautiful water. 

For this trip we have swim 7-8-9 for 3 weeks.

We decided to spread the 10ft rods X3K’s over different depths but preferred shallower areas even though it is Winter.

The first week went smoothly with 4 carp up to 28 kg.

Then we didn’t see any fish in our zone for 7 days because of the warm weather, the fish moved to other zones, but on day 8 we finally got the long-awaited bite, once in the boat we go towards the fish (our bait was on a plateau of 2 meters depth) once above the fish the fight could start. After a 15 minute long fight, a gigantic mirror came towards the landing.


After weighing we take pictures and there is a celebration for a new pb from my partner.

The next day it was my turn again, my ICON Qi alarm goes like crazy. You can set this to super sensitive, which is ideal for this type of fishing. You need to get to your rod very quickly, otherwise, they immediately get to the snags.

Quickly into the boat (here you can’t play fish from the bank because Rainbow is an obstacle water) that’s why my 10ft rods are also the best for our fishing.

Because of the strong wind at the front of the boat I had to constantly adjust because that way I went further and further away from the fish.

Once I saw the fish above, I immediately see that this was a beautiful mirror. Not the smallest in my eyes.

After the hard work I can finally net him. Satisfied I sail back to the dry land.

Weigh, to my surprise 30 kg I am super satisfied! Quickly finish the photos in the water.

And meanwhile I have another run again I could land a fish of 15 kg but still satisfied with it, for this winter time.

Next day I have another amazing fight with a Common. 

We can say it was a hard session for us. But we had a good time there , we will be back in September 😊

Kelly Monteyne



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