This stainless steel multi-angle adjustable angle lock can be used on banksticks, buzz bars or rod pods when a different angle is needed for your rod rest, buzzer or camera. The constant velocity joint can be locked using the ring nut. It is very useful to be able to tilt the rod at any angle on a bankstick, buzz bar or rod pod when fishing with the rods at an acute angle and the buzzer needs to be at the right angle to get a good indication. Multi-angle adjustable. Can be locked solid with ring nut. Can be used on banksticks, buzz bars or rod pods.


This stainless steel quick release can be used in any fishing situation and is highly stable. Consisting of two parts, the smaller is attached to the buzzer or rod rest and the other larger part is screwed to the bankstick, rod pod or buzz bar. To release you just need to push down and turn to release. This can be left attached for quick attachment for next time they are used. Easy attachment and release. Can be left attached to rod rest or buzzer. Can be used on banksticks, buzz bars or rod pods.


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