Manuel Michalzik

Catch One

In order to remain successful even in cold water, a well-built feeding area has proven itself for my angling. To do this, I have selected an area in which deep and shallow water areas are very close to one another. Here I have been feeding regularly every week since the beginning of October. I can distribute my X3K strategically at different depths along the edge. This bulbous mirror bit at the end of November during a short evening session on the feeding ground.

Catch Two

At my feeding place the fish still eat quite well even at water temperatures below 10 degrees. Depending on the weather, the amount of feed needs to be adjusted. In one of the last sessions, the air pressure was very high and the fish consumed very little food. Groundbait and small PVA sticks were the way to success here. Shortly after sunrise this beautiful Schuppi bit in the best sunshine.

Catch Three

The first snow has already fallen in the past few days and the water has become significantly colder. But my feeding place is well accepted and until now I have been able to catch fish very reliably. On the evening of the first Advent I came back to the water and heard a fish rolling over the area at dusk. In the first half of the night I caught some bream, which was no joy at minus 2 degrees. At 2am I heard another carp rolling and a little later I was able to net two carp in the 20lbs category. At 8am I got another slow bite and a little later a massive mirror carp weighing 40lbs landed on the mat.

Happy Times

Manuel Michalzik



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