Ghost Park Italy

What a great holiday this was, we will never forget this session. After 12 hours drive we finally arrived at the lake and checked out our swims. Sun, water and carp what more could you ask for. After some talking with the guys that were in our swim and grilling them for info on spots etc. it was time for us to set all our gear up.  
Yes I’m a woman so I have a lot (😂)…..

Tomorrow morning when they leave we are totally ready to start.🎣 We are very excited to catch our first carp🤩🤩

That evening we made a nice bbq with the other guys and had a good chat and put the world right. Then it was time to get some sleep, and dream about what is coming for the next few days for us 😴😴😴😴

The next day we woke up early in the morning and the lads were packing up so we could finally set up in the swim and start the session, what we didn’t know at that point was it would be the session of our lives 💥💥💥
Excited???  Yesss!!!

We started to bait the swim with red spice boilies that’s impossible to fail. So our hopes were up….. Feeding time!!!!!  Boat after boat went out…..
Then we were ready to put the Wolf rods out, the 10ft X-Series of course. Put them in my pink Easy Claws to keep them steady. Also with the ICON Qi alarms…  Now we are completely set-up….. Now its time for a nice bbq again.
Oh No! the carp think otherwise….. The first alarm goes off, yes the first carp was in the net 5 minutes later Yes it’s time again…… and again and again…..
Almost no time to put the rods back out before another one goes off……
Luckily in the night it went quiet so we could rest a little bit.

Next day, breakfast??? Nope the carp had other ideas, then when it quietened off we had breakfast then again beep after beep…….  So in 1 week we managed had 80 carp. 😃😮😮

We never thought that we would have that amount in one week and it was hard work, No it was the session of our life, I don’t think we will ever have this again. So now I will show you some of my stunners ….

Ohhh! and in amongst the 80 fish I caught my pb of 32,1kg… It won’t get much better than that.

Kelly Monteyne


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