Dan Chappell

I didn’t think my weekend could get any better.
Decided to get up silly early again this morning and drop into an old haunt of mine. A lovely small park lake with some really old carp in.
I arrived, and it was absolutely hammering down. Struggled to put the brolly up the wind was that strong. Sat there soaked for about 4 hours blanking but I knew the weather was going to turn around lunchtime.
As promised by the weatherman the sun arrived and the wind calmed down so I started lapping the lake to find them in the margins. Didn’t take long to locate a few carp swimming about on the edge of the bird feeding platform. I quickly placed a rig whilst the carp mooched off, laid the rod on the floor and sat back.
I crept over to the spot 15 minutes later to see what was happening and two of the fish were back on the spot. As I slowly moved backwards the rod just ripped from beside me and I was playing a very angry carp.

With it being a park lake, I had 30 people behind me with dogs and kids watching.
The fish finally went in the net after an awesome battle. They all came over asking for pictures and if their kids could see the fish. Luckily one of my mates was on the way down to see me so when he arrived, we got the pictures done to then find out it was one of the originals stocked in the 80s.
Perfect end to a perfect weekend.


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