Dan Chappell

Wolfs Dan Chappell can’t put a foot wrong at the moment here’s another Blue Pool stunner from a recent trip, this is what Dan had to say about the capture. I moved into a swim that controls the out of bounds area of the lake on the second morning of the session. I could clearly see the carp were visiting this area on a regular basis.

I used critically balanced Ronnie rigs on a size 4 hook with secret squirrel candy berry 14mm pop ups with nice small bags of casters, used the Wolf X3K’s to cast as close to the snag tree as I could as that covered this section of water.

Not wanting to seem suspicious to the carp and to try to encourage quick bites I didn’t use any other free offerings and small 2oz leads. I managed a couple of bites within the last 24 hours of the session so the single approach seemed to work. I think the casters were a nice natural looking mouthful that they often can’t resist.



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