“Do you ever hear a bite alarm, even though you are not fishing? Well I do. My name is Sandra, I‘m a mother and carp fishing gives me the balance to the stressful everyday life. For me the passion and the individuality are in the foreground, not the size or the weight. I fell in love with rhe fishing lifestyle thanks to my partner Christian and we use every spare second to enjoy the tranquility and the freedom at the water.”

Age: 31

Why Wolf?: I have the feeling that in the pack quality comes over quantity. It’s the same with humans and their hobby. And that’s the reason I can identify with. I’m proud to be a part of the pack.




Heat, rain, severe weather, the X1K’s and our Austrian team member Sandra hunt in all conditions. And with success, Rods you can rely on.



Beauty time for Austrian and Ladies team member Sandra Bauer! What an amazing fish!

August 2020

Another stunning summer Common for Sandra Bauer! She uses our X1K Rods, on which she can count every time!

July 2020



Another nice dark common for our Austrian ladies team member Sandra Bauer! This year is going really well for her so far!