Like most I started fishing very young, I remember it well, on a family holiday to Ibiza watching locals on the rocks catching what was probably their dinner that night. I was intrigued so the next day I was in the hotel shop buying a telescopic rod and grabbing bread rolls from the all inclusive buffet and off I went, a cliché I know, but I was hooked within the first hour. 

Over the years my angling slowly evolved from that telescopic rod, participating in pretty much every angling discipline for a period of time before moving onto the next, that’s until, completely by accident, I caught my first upper double carp. From that moment the poles and rollers were replaced with buzzers and beds and I haven’t looked back for over 15 years. Unlike many I didn’t have a parent, uncle or a mate who was already clued up on carp fishing so I learnt the hard way, fishing as much as I could to try and gain the skill set required to capture carp consistently and understand why I had caught each fish. 

Nowadays 95% of my angling is overnighters on various members only waters around Norfolk and Cambridgeshire usually with a target in mind of a specific carp or two that reside in it, not always the biggest fish, more often the elusives or the ones I class as special. Size is often irrelevant one of the targets on a water I start this year is a scrapper 20, another one is almost 50lb though! To begin with I play the numbers game and catch as many fish as I can while watching, learning, learning again placing every piece together until it all clicks and I can begin the final hunt for the one (or 2). 

This is no easy task as with a busy work life and a family getting out fishing takes maximum effort, hence the overnighters, however if your passionate and motivated anything is possible and during certain times of the year I will still fish 3 or 4 nights a week. 

See you on the bank sometime, coffee, no milk 2 sugars 

Instagram: tom_moore_carp_angler 

DOB: 29/09/87 

Location: Kings Lynn, Norfolk, UK 

UK PB: 47lb 10oz 

Favourite Wolf product: X1K Rod 






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