I started fishing around the age of 8 years. First with the pole later with a rod and reel.
I will never forget the moment when I really got hooked on fishing for Carp.

My parents told me that they had booked a lakeside vacation house in a lovely holiday park. To get me extra buzzed my dad explained that there were ancient Carp swimming there. They could get over a meter long and were of a special Carp breed and were swimming only in this lake.

We had already caught a lot of perch in the beginning of the week but I really wanted to catch one of the mythical Carp. I decided to place 6 maggots on my hook fished on a float in mid water. I still can remember asking my Dad if I should loosen the clutch, already convinced the next bite would be a monster. Quite surprisingly my Dad responded, no need…

Around the same moment my Dad showed me a new bait, white round balls called boilies. Someone at work told him that it was apparently the best way to catch Carp. At the time it looked a bit strange, those simple round balls next to my natural maggots that would stop curling. Not for me I said.

Anyway I got a bite on the big float. This time the rod was fully bended. Wow what a feeling, it took even line of the spool with a tight clutch. The fish came on the surface in the middle of the narrow lake. Blown away by the width and length of the Carp. Unfortunately it was just for a short time because after the fish slapped his tail the line broke. Moby Dick was gone and from that moment on I was hooked on fishing for Carp. In the beginning it was mostly small ponds and park lakes but when I started fishing on the canal all changed. From there I started making my own rigs and got to know the value of pre-baiting.

I’m always looking for an extra edge in my fishing. The period at the canal it was finding all the spots with even the smallest difference by using a prodding stick. Later on, I started playing with rig mechanics that became a passion in a passion.

I’m a firm believer that challenging yourself from time to time makes you a better angler. One moment you’re fishing for numbers the next it’s trying to sort out the bigger fish. Or it’s casting accurate as possible on a small clear spot between the challenging weedbeds when you can’t use a bait boat. At another session it’s fishing for the most wary carp with the most critically balanced rigs.





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