I have been fishing for roughly 20 years and specifically targeting carp for around the last 12 years. I live in Hull, East Yorkshire but travel all over the UK with at least one trip abroad every year. Due to work and family commitments the majority of my fishing revolves around overnight sessions between work, arriving at the lake at 6pm and having to be off by 7am the next morning and back to work. I very rarely get many 48 or 72-hour sessions in a year but I always try to get two work overnighters in a week when I can.

With this in mind I’m not one of these people that have the luxury of baiting and waiting, therefore my style of angling is predominantly setting small traps for quick bites, being stealthy and keeping on my toes. If I am targeting a specific water, I like to get down to the lake 3 or 4 times a week to pre-bait certain spots or areas to maximise my chance of a bite when I do manage to get down for a work overnighter.

My current UK pb mirror is a fish known as “Single Scale” from the Historic Hull and Districts Motorway Pond in East Yorkshire at 31lb 8oz, and my UK pb common carp is a fish known as “The Perfect Common” from Stickney Brick Pit in Lincolnshire at 30lb 2oz.





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