Ever since Richard was old enough to hold a fishing rod, he has. It’s a passion that has been with him since an early age and has one that has only grown stronger over the years, fishing is not just a passion but something that hes has pushed himself to perfect over the years, with over 34 years angling experience under his belt Richard still pushes himself on a daily basis “as we are forever learning”. Media, photography, and videography have always interested him. It is something that he thrives on, having worked with the likes of, Dave Lane, Darrell Peck, Tom Dove, Ali Hamidi, Danny Fairbrass, Neil Spooner, James Salmons, and several more top named anglers Richard has always worked under pressure to perform, meet goals, targets and deadlines. This is something that paid a key part in Richards role at Total Carp magazine in his earlier days as an editorial assistant as it was vital that these deadlines were kept to. “I’ve always worked outside of normal working hours,” Richard told us “as this is a way of life for me”, being up till 2 am whilst everyone is still in bed Is what separates him from everyone else and always means that he is one step ahead! As he strongly believes you get out of life what you put in. Over the years Richard has honed his skill set not only as an angler but Photographer and Videographer and as a result has worked for some of the best companies in the Industry. Having fished some of the hardest waters in the country after some sought after carp, it is fair to say that is and always will be a way of life for Mr. Shenton.

Age: 37

Why Wolf?: A Dynamic company offering Unique products targeting an aggressive market. 

What are your hobbies apart from fishing: Photography and Videography, although I have been fortunate enough to make this a full-time job within the industry.

Favourite Style of Fishing: Intimate waters

Favourite Holiday Destination: Turkey

Favourite films: Anchor Man, Step Brothers, Bad Boys, Pulp Fiction

What’s your guilty pleasure?: Chocolate Biscuits

Do you have a hidden talent? What is it?: now that would be telling





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