Peter Drew


Country: United Kingdom 

Job: Web and App Developer

I have been fishing since I was about 6 years old, progressing from perch and pike on the river Thames at Goring to carp at the age of 14, over the years I have like many others dipped in and out of fishing with each return the the bug, drive and passion ten fold.

I have caught some stunning fish over the years and regrettably didn’t have the equipment to document some of them, this in a way is not a bad thing in a world driven by size of fish, this means I keep these in my memories and there is something nice about that.

Personal Bests:
Well if you want the details of the biggest UK pigs that have fallen for my traps then they are as follows; Mirror 47.14, Common 38.14 as for “My PB” I really do appreciate every capture but I do have some special ones.
A beautiful 23.11 ghost common from a very low stock 44-acre pit in Berkshire.
A stunning 26.8 Zip linear from Wasing Estate.
Finally, the 27.11 mirror from quite possibly the most exhilarating stalking session I ever experienced, look out for more on this session in a blog in the future. 

Favourite Style of Fishing: Fishing to features

Favourite Venue: Rowneys Wasing

Why Wolf: After finding the Wolf spider spod and being really impressed with not only the build quality but the innovation I began looking at further Wolf products and knew I would fit in well with a company on the forefront.

What are your hobbies apart from fishing: Night Photography, Formula 1 and Karting

February 2020

The low temperatures don‘t seem to go away over there in Austria, but Florian Probstmanaged to get out and catch this beautiful carp during a freezing overnighter! He caught this fish on his new X-Series rods in 10ft. and 2,75lbs – absolutely good looking rods with an incredible playability!

March 2020

Our Austrian team member Florian Probst caught a perfect linear on his X3K rods. He uses the 12ft model with a 3,00lbs test curve as an absolute allround rod, which he can rely on in every single situation!

May 2020

Three weeks ago, we were allowed to go fishing again in Austria. Since that day Florian Probst spent almost every day on the bank! 

Just before spawning time Florian Probst was able to catch this Common Carp. The males are very powerful at this time of the year!

June 2020

Lately our Austrian member Florian Probst was able to catch this hard fighting common! His X-Series rods in 10ft 2,75lb were the perfect choice to play the fish from a boat!

This 20kgs+ Common was trying to make his way straight to the reeds, but with the X3K 12ft 3,00lb our Austrian team member Florian Probst had no problem with keeping him away from it!

July 2020

Austrian Team Member Flo had a little walk around the lake and spotted this Common under some trees near the bank. He couldn‘t resist to give it a try with a little Pop Up – Our X Series rods in 10ft are perfect for stalking between bushes and trees!

This fifty was the last fish of Florian Probst‘s week in Italy! No matter if a carp is big or not, with the all rounders from our range – the X3K in 12ft 3,0lb – every single fish is a pleasure!





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