My name is Mike Jones and I am 51 years old I have been fishing for around 46 years and carp fishing for around 35 years which has taken me all over the UK. I was a consultant with Nash for around 17 years, I’m now a consultant for Mainline, Wolf and Slyfish which is going really well. 
I have been lucky enough to have fished some stunning waters and catch some of the country’s biggest fish.
It all started fishing in Wales for some lovely old quarry fish back in the 80’s with having fish to mid 30s. it was time to move on passing my test and fishing around the Cotswolds, I fished on Horseshoe for a long time becoming a bailiff and moving on to being an angling coach.
The lake gave me a passion for pig pit fishing, I love being on my own and fishing for beautiful big carp finding my own way how to catch them.
I then moved from the Cotswolds and fished around the Reading area. I have done really well on these old big pits with some incredible fish to over 57lb.
Like I said my angling has taken me all over the UK to some stunning locations. I’m now targeting a 120 acre big pit with a very low stock but I’m really enjoying my time there and putting all the pieces together to get a bite.

Why Wolf?: After doing some research I found myself really interested in their products and wanted to become a part of a new and up and coming company.

September 2020

Wolf consultant Mike Jones can definitely catch them, here he is with a cracking 40lb Common which he caught on a recent session on his syndicate lake, mike used the X1K’s in 3.5lb test to tame this beast.

August 2020

Wolf consultant Mike Jones definitely knows how to catch them, on a recent session he banked these two stunning Commons, Mike fished on a silt patch in a hole in the weed, but the weed was no match for the wolf X1K in 3.5lb.

July 2020

Well it didn’t take Wolf consultant Mike Jones long to get back amongst the fish on his first session back after lockdown, here he is with this stunning dark common, he used his X1K’s to tame the beast

Consultant Mike Jones cannot put a thing wrong at the moment here he is with a stunning dark mirror again the X1K’s being put to good use.





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