Born in the Isle of Man, a place famous for the worlds fastest motorcycle race where on normal every day roads they hit speeds of 200mph+. Surrounded by Viking mythology Saxon settlements, castles and Norse legend you grow up in “old life” ways. Local grown produce and farm shops are the norm and your daily essentials have to get shipped in from planes and boats which are always weather permitting. 
The Island has around 80 thousand living there with only 1 McDonald’s, 1 cinema (still no Nandos) and not much else but ironically it is graced with an abundance of awesome sea fishing spots and ship wrecks to get many an angler excited. Sadly with the way it’s structured it has zero course or carp in it’s waters so with this being the case I was late in life to the carp scene. It’s hard for me to imagine these days lakes and ponds without carp or silvers, no squirrels, foxes or deer for wildlife but for 30 years that was reality. 
Moving to the Uk opened a whole new world for my fishing as all I had beforehand was some VHS videos of John Wilson, Jack Charlton and A passion for angling to go from. 10 years later I’ve managed to be lucky enough to fish with some of my child hood VHS heroes, graced my line in some of the best lakes around the globe topping my list with 380lb arapaima, 200lb Catfish a stunning 62.4 Croatian Sumbar mirror and closing out with a special Dorset common of 42.4 PB. 
Park lakes and the urban scenes around the Uk and Europe have taken my main focus over the past few years. Simply I find this more rewarding finding fish under adverse circumstances and challenges presented in these concrete jungles where tourists and commuters get wowed when showed what sit in the waterways they walk past every day. 
Finishing this bio out, coming from where I once lived to now being able to fish and go to places I once thought were a dream, there isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t appreciate any that graces my net…..apart from bream, they didn’t show them in the videos I had and now I know why haha! 

Name: Lee McSween. 
Age: 39 years young 
Overall PB: 750lb Andaman Islands Black Marlin. 

Favourite Wolf product:  mozzi-zappa