Hi, let me introduce myself. My name is Kelly Monteyne and I am 36 years old. I live in Stavele this in Belgium. I live there with my boyfriend and my fishing dog, we also have our own business there. I’m opening a cafe. My hobbies are of course fishing, 😅 but you will also find me on my Ducati 🏍.
Fishing for me only started about 5 years ago.
When I went along to beautiful Rainbow Lake 🌈 for the first time. That’s where it all started, so I was allowed to hold a fish for the first time to pose. After which I naturally wanted to learn to fish myself. We soon started fishing run to run.
You can usually find me on payment waters such as Rainbow Lake France, Vigne la Feuillette France, Lake Serene France, Ghost Park Italy, Monster Carp Romania is already on our list…..
But there are still many beautiful waters that we would like to discover.
If we are on the waterfront, we are also well installed. That’s why my favorite 10ft fishing rods from Wolf 🐺 should not be missing, they come in perfectly because I usually bring in the fish from my zodiac. As well as the ICON Qi receivers can certainly not be missed. These are my favourites in fishing.





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