Hi my name is Karl Brandreth, I am 50yrs old and live in the UK in Cheshire, I have been angling for 45 years, from silver fish to big bream and even pike up to 23lb from most places in Cheshire in the Northwest of England, I started out learning with my Grandad at an old lake called King George’s Pool then once I had become confident with this angling lark he then took me to a very special place called Capesthorne Hall, of which I fell in love with. 

As I got older my angling got better, my dad bought a load of match fishing gear, to get me out of the house and out of his hair, but I can’t blame him. 

We lived about a 5-minute walk from some lakes near where I lived as a youngster so when I popped on my own, I joined a few local clubs and went out on matches with the big boys and learnt even more and the rest was history, even won a few matches along the way. 

Many years later I met my wife and she introduced me to a couple of her friends that turned out to be carp anglers, so I went with them on a few local carp lakes/runs waters then, with my match fishing reel using the rear drag as the free spool I caught some carp with them and I was hooked so to speak. 

So now I have been carp fishing for over 20 years and fished most day ticket waters in Cheshire. 

As I got better, I fished bigger waters one was Wyreside lakes in Lancaster where I caught my first 30lber, 30lb 40z to be honest, I was blown away then me and my mates had planned a trip to Abbey Lakes in France which was fantastic catching carp up to 38lb.10oz we only caught a handful because of spawning but it was really good. 

We then joined Prince Albert Angling Club, the biggest club in the UK, they have over 10,000 members from carp fishing to fly fishing so it’s quite big, I am now a bailiff for the club at 2 lakes in Cheshire that they own and I’ve caught hundreds of carp from there, biggest being 28lb I just can’t seem to catch the bigger ones but that’s fishing for you. 

Anyway, years gone by I won a competition to fish with Milky, we met up at Thorpe Lea fishery and had a cracking weekend, Milky just fell in love with me. 

We stayed in touch and that’s how I ended up on the Wolf team, plus I am with a couple of other angling firms. 

The last few years i have been fishing at Monument fishery in Shropshire, of which I broke my PB which is now 33lb 4oz I know it’s not massive but it’s a rock-hard lake the carp in there are not daft and know what bait and rigs are, I’ve had 4 x 30lbers and numerous 20’s from the lakes at monument. 

As I write this bio, I am currently getting ready for a French trip with a couple of friends so watch this space and social media for updates of my trip. 

Nickname: Karlos 

From: Manchester 

Date of birth: 25/11/1971 

Favourite venue: Local club waters and RH fisheries 

PB: 33lb 4oz mirror 

PB: 31lb 15oz common 

Plus Pike at 23lb 

Favourite Wolf product: The Rods 





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