My name is Florian Probst, I’m 28 years old, born and raised in Innsbruck which is placed in the middle of the Tyrolean Alps! Like the most of us I started fishing at a very young age. At first I started fishing trout, but I soon realized that this was not enough for me. I wanted to catch bigger fish and I wanted to feel more adrenaline! This is how I got to carpfishing. At first there was just the usual fascination for this type of fishing but very soon this fascination became a passion and nowadays I can’t imagine a life without carpfishing! Because of my flexible work it is possible for me to spend at least 10-13 weeks in total in foreign countries every year – especially in Italy because the border to Italy is only half an hour away from my hometown. I love to travel to Italy because there are so many different types of waters and so many different sizes and levels of difficulty, which are reachable in a short period of time. Although there are not so many waters in Tyrol, I spend every single weekend on the bank and sometimes I also spend some quick nights at the lake before I go to work! Carpfishing got me addicted since the first time I tried it and there are so many aspects for this addiction – the closeness to the nature and the animals, the adventure, the adrenalin and the unknown! I definitely think that you can learn something from every trip, every fish and every situation – there is always a way to increase your fishing! Since 2 years I spend much time on photography and I love to learn new things and to increase my photography! Making new experiences, getting to know new people, spending time with friends and trying to catch some carps – that’s what it‘s all about! All these reasons are motivating me week after week to spend time at the bankside, just doing what I love to to!

Age: 28

Why Wolf?: The design and playability got me addicted from the first moment I saw them and I really love to be part of a new company, to help and see her grow! In my opinion this is a very special chance and I´m proud to be part of the pack!

Favourite Style of Fishing: I do a few trips which last one or two weeks every year, but I love short trips – spontaneous four or five days at any type of water in Italy or France.

Favourite films: Maroc Job by Carpzilla (Film about Lake Bin el Ouidane in Morocco)
Mein heiliger See by Meik Pyka (Film about Lac de St. Cassien)





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