My name is Armin Eibl, I am 36 years old, born and raised in Tyrol, Austria!I already got in touch with fishing at a very young age. There has always been a fascination for fishing and over the years this fascination became more than just a hobby! Carpfishing means absolutely everything for me and I try to spend every free moment on the bank! I think you can learn something on every single trip, so I try to make the best out of every visit on the bankside! In Austria i try to go fishing several times every week and furthermore I do my best to make 8-10 trips in foreign countries every year! Especially in the cold months, when nearly all the Austrian lakes are frozen, I spend much time in Italy trying to catch some huge carps! Even if there are some people who don‘t understand how it is possible to go for a passion as intensively as I do, I can‘t imagine a life without carpfishing anymore, because the moment, when you‘re holding a carp in your hands is incombarable and this feeling I won‘t give away for anything in this world! There are so many aspects in carpfishing and this is exactly what I love about it.

Age: 36

Job: Drywall builder/Stuccoer

Why Wolf?: I think Wolf is different than other brands in the way of practicing things and I`m very happy to support Wolf to get bigger and bigger.

March 2020

Shortly before Austria got under quarantine, Armin Eiblmanaged to get on the bank for three days – with success! He caught an absolute chunk!

May 2020

Earlier this week our Austrian Team member Armin managed to get on the bank for a couple of hours. He was able to catch three Carp and one of them was this stunning Mirror with it‘s massive head!

June 2020

Here‘s one of Armin Eibl‘s latest catches, he catches a lot of fish at the moment. It seems that there will be another few days until spawning time because of the colder weather these days and Armin tries his best to use this chance!

Here‘s another ”After-Lockdown-Catch“ from our Austrian team member Armin Eibl!

July 2020

Austrian Team Member Arminmanaged to bag a stunning common which happened to be his new PB! Even the big common was no problem for our X-Series 10ft Rods.

A few days ago Armin Eibl was able to catch this big Mirror Carp from a spot he was preparing during the last weeks. Constant feeding and daily controlling of the spot definitely paid off!

August 2020

Here‘s another ”After-Lockdown-Catch“ from our Austrian team member Armin Eibl!

Here‘s another ”After-Lockdown-Catch“ from our Austrian team member Armin Eibl!





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