“Better late than never”

The title is a classic Italian expression, I wanted to start by talking about my country because we were the first European country to suffer the great crisis generated by Covid-19, I don’t like fishing in very hot periods but I prefer the cool temperatures of spring and summer. autumn, but the loock down didn’t give me alternatives, spring was discarded.

But now let’s talk about my last session, a large lake in central Italy, Pietrafitta Lake, an artificial lake that hosted 2 Carpfishing World Championships, in 2011 and 2014. In this lake only cast fishing is allowed, and for WOLF tools this place is a paradise, you can use them all at maximum performance.

I relied on the X1K 13 3.5Lb a rod that allows you good casting distances, but above all an optimal management of the fish even at long distances, fun and safe.

In this lake it is essential to carry out a very precise baiting, at long distances (120m), with high quantities of highly attractive groundbait (Boiles, particles, pellets). A very complicated job, but with my infallible partners X1K SM 13 ‘and X-SPOD Performance the result is guaranteed.

The ease of loading with one hand of the X-SPOD Perfomance and its large internal capacity allow me to be very fast and effective.

The first few hours passed quickly and no carp seemed to get close to my hookbaits, then I had the winning intuition, I had the Method Feeder System inside my bag, a brilliant system to compress the groundbait around the lead, attention I said compress and do not knead, in fact all the other methods used on Carpfishing to attack the groundbait on the lead involve knead the groundbait, but this maneuver causes a very slow melting. The system designed by WOLF, on the other hand, guarantees resistance to impact with water and a very fast dissolution of the groundbait, with attractive particles that immediately begin to rise and fall.


The results were not long in coming, with many carp caught within hours. Here are just some of the many shots.

I’ll be back soon to tell you about my adventures.

Stay safe.

Topini Leonardo


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