45 bites in 2 Sessions

After a September 48hr session on my local park lake and coming away with 17 fish I followed up again a week later for another 48hr session. I managed to slide the net under another 21 carp. The lake was fishing well with most anglers having a handful of fish that I’d heard of but knowing they rarely feed them enough and thinking back to last weeks session I was confident I’d be able to make the most of it. A popular area of the lake in open water from a point was the target area again and following on from the previous session where I ran out of bait, I made sure this wasn’t going to happen again. I ended up using between 15-20kg of bait this time around.


I started off with 12 x spods of feed. This was made up of particle (hemp and corn) mixed pellet and 12mm and 16mm boilie which I’d glugged and soaked for a couple of days to soften it all up and pack it with flavour.

The bites were slow for the first couple of hours with only a couple of liners but after putting another 6 spods out over the spot one of the rods burst into life before I could wind the spod back in. As I netted the first fish my second rod tore off and I bagged another park lake gem. And another one to add to the tally on the 13ft distance extremes X1K’s.

Stiff hinged rigs with a multi rig style loop to allow the hooks to be changed quickly set up heli-style with a 4oz lead and 12mm yellow pop ups did the trick again. From here on I was spodding after every fish, sometimes only 2 or 3 spods or sometimes 8 or 10 depending on how long I had to wait for the last fish but spreading the feed over a wide area to keep them grazing and in my swim for longer always seems to work apart from in the winter.  I put the 13ft X-Spod rod well and truly through its paces and used the wolf Kevlar finger stall for the first time which I was very impressed with.  


Lake rules state a 2 rod limit but on the first night I ended up fishing with 1 rod from around midnight and then winding both in to try and get some sleep at 4am.

Bites came very steadily and spread consistently throughout the session and the highlight was to land a target fish of mine. With no captures in over 2 years that I was aware of, I was bricking it when it watched it surface halfway out. A gorgeous little white carp with a few tiny black scales, only one of two koi in the lake.

James Dixon


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