24hr session on the local club water.

Warm morning temperature of 12 degrees with a mild southerly wind blowing down the lake. My First thoughts were that they’d be looking for the shallower, warmer water. A walk round the lake at first light was spent watching about 30 coots and tufties diving down in front of peg 1 and 2. Knowing that it’s a shallow area that’s mega weedy in the summer made me think it’s gonna be holding fish if the birds are there diving down potentially for naturals.

Opted for peg 2 as I had the option to fish in front of me over the weed, Chuck right, into the deeper water or left of me to the snags. I was quite confident knowing I had plenty of options.

I baited up pretty heavily with 12 Performance X-Spods full of heavy groundbait, chopped boilies, salt and corn that I made into little balls. I got tortured by the diving birds in around 4ft of water. As it got dark and they left the water and stashed themselves away in the reeds for the night the spot next to the overhanging trees came to life with liners and then managed to nick a fish before it went quiet.

Around 5am I got a couple of liners again before I had 4 runs in the next hour and a half, managing to land 3.

Fishing locked up with tight lines, using the X1K 13ft distance Extremes, the rod tips up, alarms set at full sensitivity and the butts fixed tightly in the Ultrablock butt rests. Proper hit and hold fishing for single bleeps. Love it.

James Dixon




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