Hayley Hodgkinson


Age: 26

I chose Wolf because I had heard outstanding things about the brand as a whole, I knew a few people with Wolf products and they couldn’t recommend enough, all of the products are super attractive, amazing quality and real workhorses.

I don’t particularly have any other major hobbies outside of fishing but I class my job as almost a hobby as it’s a real passion of mine.

My fishing methods completely depend on what kind of lake I’m fishing, but my favourite method is to find a spot and really get that rocking by baiting up enough to gain confidence from the fish with the hope of a big hit of fish.

Favourite waters are big gravel pits, for example my go to being the famous linear fisheries in Oxfordshire, UK 

I love big fish and the excitement of a absolute chunk but you also can’t beat a really stunning carp.

My favourite carp has to be a scale perfect common.

Instagram: @mrs.hh94